Window Shapes and Styles


Window shapes and styles enhance the general look of a house. There are many window shapes and styles available. Finding appropriate shape and styles for your apartment or house may be hectic but, we are here to assist. Below are the common window shapes and styles available.
A) Window Shapes
ü Rectangular
ü Full Circle
ü Half circle
ü Quarter circle
ü Full arch head
ü Partial arch head
ü Equal modified rectangle
ü Modified rectangle
ü Full spring line
ü Triangle
ü Oval
ü Trapezoid
ü Octagon
ü Pentagon
ü Parallelogram
ü Hexagon
ü Elliptical
ü Chord
B) Window Styles
There are many window styles available but, the choice depends on one’s preference and use. These include the following: awning, sliding, bay and bow windows, casement, double and single- hung windows. For example, the double-hung windows are commonly used where adequate ventilation is needed. They have two sliding slashes which can be opened.
The window styles should match with the general arrangement of your house.Matching improves the beauty.